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This is a entire Home depot bucket full of Nugget Edition™ Paydirt!


You will receive a FULL Home depot bucket full of Nugget Edition™ Paydirt!.
No limit as many buckets as you like!
  • Guaranteed GOLD INSIDE EACH bucket!
  • Gold Panning Paydirt from Virginia Gold Belt!
  • Gold Nuggets, Gold Pickers, Gold Flakes & Fines may be found Inside!

This is a PRODUCT and a SERVICE

We hand gather this dirt after your order only from our best claim directly out of Bedrock. This requires man hours. 


  • Orders ship out within 3-7 business days from the date of cleared payment.


  • Have a no return policy on this item. No matter the reason. 


Loaded Gold Paydirt LLC -> Since 2010

All dirt comes from a PROVEN gold claim with old assay reports well over what you've seen on TV! Inside each factory sealed bag or bucket you will receive gold paydirt concentrate. Added gold comes from active gold mines and claims all over North America. 

The very first U.S. Gold Rush was located on the east coast and the old timers missed so much of the gold! The Paydirt we offer is classified (concentrated) for your panning convenience! Of course it is always possible for bigger rocks + NUGGETS to slip through!! When used correctly, all paydirt will contain randomly varied amounts of gold.

Gold Paydirt is strictly for education, hobby and entertainment. Our Gold Paydirt is a Find & Reveal item. Not an item of chance.  As with any user result oriented item we can never guarantee that you will report finding a specific amount, size or value of Rock, Minerals or Gold inside.  (Since it is unsearched paydirt you will find some gold flakes and fine pieces of gold, however most of the gold will be in the form of at least one nice gold nugget and or picker).  All reported results depend on user skill and may vary because of this.